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The Environment and Our Approach

The Blue Hare bothy sits high up on our 19 acre croft. Since becoming crofters in 2018 we have pursued our aims to maintain and restore the local environment by helping local flora and fauna to thrive through protection against over-grazing. We have planted over 1000 trees and plan to plant 300 more each year for the foreseeable future. The peat bogs have been left to re-wilding. Anecdotally our bird loving guests have noticed an increase in the range and diversity of the local bird population. We have noticed many more wild orchids.

We have planted crops for our own use and we have a polycrub (a rugged polytunnel) for growing salad leaves, herbs and fruit. We intend to build on this in order to grow our own as far as possible.

The Blue Hare has been built on strip foundations and is constructed mostly of wood, so concrete has been minimised. The building is highly insulated (145mm panels + 25mm internal on all the floors and walls). The ceiling has even more insulation. So, energy usage is minimal. We have a bike shed for guests so arrival and departure through pedal power is becoming more frequent. It is a good stop off for some revival time during a Barra to Butt (of Lewis) cycle odyssey. Also, mariners who have sailed into Lingerbay could enjoy a few days on land.

The soap and washing up liquid we provide is from Bower Collective who produce fragrant and sustainable products whilst minimising plastic waste by sending refills in re-useable plastic pouches.

Our future direction is for more trees, wilder peat bogs, more homegrown food, renewable energy and protection and promotion of the local flora diversity - including our rapidly regenerating prostrate juniper.


orchid lingerbay_edited.jpg
juniper lingerbay.jpg
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Lingerbay, Isle of Harris

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